Selling a Home

Selling your home?

Selling a home can be an emotional rollercoaster. From coming to terms with saying goodbye to the home that has been so good to you all these years, to choosing a buyer and finally, to the closing transaction. As a seller, the closing day is the most important day. This is the day you sign away your wonderful home to the chosen buyer.  It is important to have an experienced closing team by your side to ensure that all of the agreements made in the sales contract have been fulfilled.

The Balkun Title and Closing team is here to make certain that you stay off that rollercoaster and experience a seamless closing process.

Why should sellers use us…

Our job is to ensure the seller experiences a low-stress and easy closing by taking care of all the paper work. When you sell your home you are closing a special chapter in your life. Don’t worry about all the forms and applications, let us make it a sweet memory for you.